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  • A Word of Hope

    Your soul is immortal. It will never die. But when your soul is separated from your body, it will have two possible destinies: HEAVEN (eternity with God – eternal happiness) or ETERNITY WITHOUT GOD (eternal suffering). There is only one … Continue reading

  • The Power of the Blood of Jesus

    Jesus is, and will ever be, the only perfect man to walk on Earth. Everyone else, no matter how good, is a sinner and, therefore, has been excluded from the communion with God, who is holy. All humanity was lost … Continue reading

  • Jesus, the Head of the Church

    The Lord Jesus is the Head of the Church (Eph. 5:23), that is His Body. The Church should live, that is, practice this doctrine, seeking the counsel of the Lord, asking for His directions, consulting the Lord in everything that … Continue reading