NWK Members



Close to forty years ago, a group of pastors from different backgrounds gathered together to seek the Lord earnestly for a new experience. Some of them had grown up in Christian families and had been in the ministry for many years. Yet they yearned for a deeper, richer spiritual life and were unsatisfied with the Christian experience they had had up to then.

Through the Scriptures, they were persuaded that a more powerful Christian reality existed, and that the Holy Spirit is real, just, and sufficient to grant them this spiritual journey of discovery (Deut.4:29; Jer.29:13). The Lord was faithful indeed.

Yet, it was not a smooth road, because almost everything that they had previously understood as being a necessary part of the church life and of the ministry was progressively rejected by the Holy Spirit. He made this clear to them: if they did not heed His voice, they would simply end up where they started.

God was not interested in the creation of yet another denomination; He desires to have a people who seek Him and hear Him.

That has been our unceasing struggle since then: to execute faithfully the duties of our ministries, for the unity and preservation of the Body of Christ, without interfering with the operation of the Holy Spirit in His church.

Our pastors do not receive salaries; they must have their own professions. Our seminars are not academic centers to grant diplomas and degrees. The whole church is invited to attend classes, not just the pastors. The pastors are raised from the flock, by signs of the Holy Spirit, not because of any specific training they possess.

The more one knows of the classical languages (Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, Latin), psychology, history, hermeneutics, and all the other traditional disciplines, the better. We do not consider them prerequisites for the ministry, however. We are saddened to recognize that it in some instances is possible to preach the gospel without believing in God.

This continual learning process has taught us that we must put our trust in God, not in men (especially not in ourselves). We do not judge those who have a different practice of faith and understanding of the Christian life (Rom.14:3-5), but we are determined to apply zealously all that the Lord reveals to us. 

We welcome any contact from other fellow brothers serving in the ministry of the Lord, who would like to join us in this spiritual journey of learning.

May the peace that surpasses all understand keep you always!