NWK Members



We have daily services (Acts 2:46; 5:42); our souls, like our physical bodies, need daily nourishment. Therefore, even if the local church isn’t open on a particular evening, we ought to get together, especially with our families, and consecrate a portion of the day to place our devotion before God.

There is no formal liturgy in our services because we believe that God graciously accepts prayer and worship that is genuine and not necessarily scripted or rehearsed. We strive to approach God in joy and humbleness of spirit, giving opportunity to the brethren, including the children, to offer their personal adoration spontaneously before the Lord. In fact, children are an integral part of our services (Matthew 21:15-16), and that is one reason why we keep our services under an hour with our Monday praise services lasting less than 30 minutes usually.

In order to foster an environment conducive to the study of God’s Word, it is customary to have a few simple questions presented weekly to different groups of the congregation, such as ladies, youth, workers, and kids. A few days later, after time has been given for the brethren to work on them, those questions are used as the basis for each group meeting. The same is true regarding the Sunday Sunday school, when our members have an opportunity to share what the Holy Spirit shows them throughout this exercise.

Each family should gather together for prayer at least once a week, and we dedicate Friday evenings to that. We consider it very important that each family has time to focus on the needs within the home and that family members have the opportunity to share experiences and pray for one another.

As a way to express our gratitude for the blessing of the Lord Jesus in our lives and to develop a more mature spiritual walk, we dedicate one day of the week, Monday, to focus on the praise to God (Eph.5:19-20; Col.3:15).

Our larger congregations usually have the resources to hold services three times a day: for prayer meetings in the early morning and noon and with regular services in the evening.

We invite you to come participate in any of our services. We do not require nor do we solicit any financial offering. Check the list of our churches in the region to find the closest to you or write to us; it will be our pleasure to help you wherever you are whether it be in the U.S. or abroad.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” (Mat.11:28)