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Maranatha Christian Church is the fruit of a great spiritual revival that is taking place these last days before the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. By pouring out his Holy Spirit in a special way – the baptism with the Holy Spirit – believers from different backgrounds are united by the love of God and the experience with the spiritual gifts.

From the very beginning, the Lord taught us that the Church needs to seek his direction daily and that the exercise of the spiritual gifts should be handled with wisdom and discernment. Every spiritual manifestation must be carefully judged in order to confirm that its origin is godly.

God the Father has his eternal project of salvation based exclusively on the righteousness of the Lord Jesus on the cross, which is revealed to humanity by the Holy Spirit. This takes place not only in a general sense, but also in daily situations in the life of the Church (Acts 16:6-10). The same God who reveals himself to each person for salvation is the same God who will continue to reveal himself to all for sanctification. We depend on God’s revelation in both instances.

This revival has been characterized by the following operation of the Lord in our midst:

1. Great emphasis to prayer, fasting, and the studying of God’s Word (the Bible); there are prayer meetings in almost every church in the early morning;

2. Regular gathering of the believers in public services; many churches open daily for services in which the Word of God is taught and there are manifestations of the spiritual gifts;

3. Services focused exclusively on praise to God and the teaching of his Word, without requests for any financial contribution;

4. Disposition of the believers to serve the Lord and the Church; no one is paid for any activity they have in the Church, not even the pastors; each servant regards serving the Lord as a privilege;

5. All groups of the church – children, adolescents, youth, ladies, etc. – have active participation in the services, evangelistic events, and visitation of church members in their homes, and maintaining the places of worship;

6. Close fellowship among the churches, which mutually support each other in all aspects, spiritually, and materially;

7. Dedication to the Great Commission (Mat.28; Mark 16) of sharing the Good News of Salvation and God’s companionship to every men, women, boy, and girl, according to the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit globally, reaching as many people as possible with the opportunity of a new life through God.

We have associated churches in several countries in South and Central America, Europe, Africa, and Asia connected through fellowship and spiritual cooperation.

We believe there are churches in many countries that preach the gospel of salvation accurately and effectively. We acknowledge the work of the servants of the Lord around the world who diligently seek him in prayer, who obey his Word, who work to bring others to the knowledge of Christ, and who fellowship in the Holy Spirit. We believe we are of One Body in the spiritual sense, not an institutional one.

But, we also recognize that we are living in a moment of “lukewarm” Christianity (Revelation 3:16), prophesied in the Scriptures as one of the signs of the End-Times, and that many doctrinal and practical heresies have deviated many from the simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our purpose is to help others who have the same prophetic vision and spiritual determination to learn from the eternal God, and we ourselves must be vigilant against falling into the same sinful assimilation with worldliness.

We welcome inquiries through this website by anyone who share similar goals and would like to learn more about our experience.

May God bless and guide you!